Access School is a cognitive school with two main programs.  We have a mainstream program and a modified program. Both included daily cognitive programing as part of a child’s educational experience.  Cognitive programing in the modified program is more intense. 

As a cognitive school, we can test every child to identify the strength of all cognitive areas and therefore provide curriculum and cognitive exercises to ensure exact programming and also see if certain cognitive areas are affecting your child. 

The MAINSTREAM Program is Montessori based (grades 1 to 6).  It is intended for students who can mainstream and who may require cognitive building without the need for other continual support other than the classroom teacher. 

The Modified program has a combination of Montessori and standard education. It is intended for students who require some level of additional support to succeed.

Within a few years, daily cognitive programming will change cognitive functions drastically.  Weak cognitive areas will become strong and strong cognitive areas will become stronger.  Whether a child shows mild or severe cognitive signs, our evidence-based program is intended to correct the underlying issues.

Access School is committed in providing an environment where students can become independent and where they can learn to think critically, courageously, freely and affirmatively.

 We are fully accredited.

All students must be average or above average of intelligence.


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Claude LeFrancois / Director





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